Experiment Engines: The Key To Unlocking Agility and Growth In Organisations Of Scale

By Matt Kingdon
This is the first of a three part series on Experimentation. Here we define the concept of an Experiment Engine and review its beneficial impact on organisations of scale…
Plastic Crisis

The Plastic Crisis: Let’s Not Waste It

By Matt Nicol
Once considered the height of invention, waste plastic is now tearing our planet apart. But crisis also brings opportunity and catalyses innovation…
what if innovation blog walking the walk understanding the say do gap

Walking The Walk: Understanding The Say/Do Gap

By Jonny Inglis
I love books. I loved books so much at school that I wanted to unite with other book-lovers and read during our lunch break…
what if innovation blog audacity break free

Audacity: Breaking Free of “That’s The Way it’s Always Been Done”

By Jonny Inglis
Every morning at 7:30 our caretaker fills a cup with water, and every morning it’s filled with spoons dunked in tea and coffee. The ritual ticks along throughout the day…
what if innovation blog starting an innovation lab

Starting an Innovation Lab: 6 Tips for Success

By Geoff Gibbins
With growing pressure for ‘DIY innovation’, more and more corporations are building innovation labs or innovation centers — often located in new, shiny spaces away from the main corporate campus…
what if innovation blog innovative approaches to growth

Tequila, Avocados & Custom Chinos: Innovative Approaches to Growth

By Enda King
Sensing the untapped potential in the tequila market, Diageo made headlines last week with the $1B purchase of Casamigos…

Asking ‘What If’: What’s In a Name?

By Matt Kingdon & Dave Allan
Matt Kingdon and Dave Allan, co-founders of the innovation company ?What If!, take a look at the power and consequence of their company’s name…
what if innovation blog 5 ways to get over behavior change

5 Ways to Get Over Behavior Change (And Get Into Consumers’ Lives)

By Emma Allen & Mike Galbo
We bet you’ve once fumed at a past lover, “Stop trying to change me into something I’m not! Love me for who I am!” Who knew you could apply your own relationship advice to behavior change theory…