lauren furgason

Lauren Furgason

Associate Director

With an interest in human psychology and a passion for visual communication and design, Lauren brings to ?What If! the perfect recipe for creative strategy. Lauren’s quest to uncover influences beneath human behavior has taken her into the hearts and minds of consumers to deliver deep insight stories and breakthrough opportunities. She’s unlocked business impact for her clients by tackling the role of rewards in financial services, the future of ingredients for major CPG companies, and the effect that a workplace can have on the health, productivity and pride of employees. Most recently, her passion for creating a complete experience ecosystem around products & services has made her an integral part of ?What If!’s 4D Experience practice.

Prior to ?What If!, Lauren worked as a strategist at a brand experience agency and in management consulting. In that time, she built sector expertise across industries for clients such as Hewlett Packard, Starbucks, PepsiCo, and Pinkberry and focused on internal organizational impact for the CEOs and executive teams of clients that included ANN INC., Citi, and IBM.

Lauren and her husband are proud Seattle natives, thriving on the discovery of New York’s best espresso spots, spending time outdoors, and enjoying the epic East coast lightning storms that give the PNW’s drizzly days a run for their money.

My greatest Adventure moment:
Job-shadowing employees in U.S. cities with extreme temperatures to test new prototype uniforms. Immersing in the unique needs of their job – in 2 feet of snow in Green Bay and 120 degrees in Palm Desert – offered a firsthand perspective on the challenge that one would never get sitting behind a desk.

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