what if innovation blog amazon buys whole foods

Amazon Buys Whole Foods: The Impact for CPG

By Geoff Gibbons
Since the surprise announcement of Amazon’s deal to buy Whole Foods Market, a lot of conversation has focused on the potential impact on other retailers — in particular, Amazon’s intent…
what if innovation blog design thinking lean startup hybrid approach

Design Thinking Or Lean Startup? Take A Hybrid Approach

By Geoff Gibbins
The world of corporate innovation has transformed over the past several years. Of course it should. It’s innovation. There are now so many different kinds of innovation: design innovation…
what if innovation blog 5 companies winning cultures

Best of Both Worlds: 5 Companies With Great Post-Acquisition Culture

By Guerric De Ternay & Miranda Essex
Acquisitions are a part of life in big companies. Done well, they provide a chance to refresh company culture, learn from new people, and mobilise a newly bolstered company behind a unifying vision…
what if innovation blog a new approach

Agile Economics: A New Approach to Commercial Strategy

By Geoff Gibbins
Agile Economics is a new approach to commercial strategy that’s built for the uncertainty of innovation…
what if innovation blog reinventing retail 4d experience

Re-Inventing Retail as a 4D Experience

By Bart Higgins
Brick and mortar retail is being disrupted at an untenable pace, forcing brands to rethink everything from offering to business model…
what if innovation blog 5 inspiring experiments

5 Inspiring Experiments That Unlocked Innovation

By Guerric De Ternay & Miranda Essex
At ?What If!, we’ve demonstrated countless times that experimentation is the way to gain confidence in whether a product or service will be successful in market…
what if innovation blog 25 years of innovating

?What If!: 25 Years of Innovating

By Matt Kingdon & Dave Allan
Dear ?What Iffers!, clients, business partners, friends and families, Today ?What If! turns 25 years old…