ed mehmed

Ed Mehmed


Ed leads the part of ?What If! responsible for new offers entering the marketplace. During his time at ?What If!, Ed has been responsible for the futures insight and opportunity spotting that helped a global engineering company to dream big in their venturing unit. This project led to the creation of the 90 second oil change, promising quicker servicing, lower emissions and no waste oil escaping into the environment between changes. Ed also led the work that created what is now called the ‘premium instant coffee category’ worth £60m in the UK alone.

Prior to ?What If! Ed worked with retail banks as a management consultant on diverse projects from supply chain management, outsourcing document management to operating model design. In fact, Ed’s first ever project is now an INSEAD supply chain best practice case study.

Outside of work Ed can be found fantasising about replacing his stolen bike and watching re-runs of grand designs, to the back drop of raising two small children in Suffolk.

The ?! moment I’ve had the greatest Adventure:
I was interviewing rural farmers in Lagos about the role of mobile phones in their day to day lives and where they could work better.

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