Neena Paul

Chief Innovation Officer and Board Member

As a member of the board and the global leadership team, Neena leads the development of our next generation products and services, infusing the mindsets and behaviors of experimentation into our own organization as well as our clients.

Previously the U.S. CEO of ?What If!, Neena combines her experience leading and growing our business with her passion for partnering with other leaders to create a new future for their own organizations. She blends a problem obsession with real world, actionable solutions transforming organizations from the inside out. She created and incubated a digital wellness business helping to chart the company’s future by capturing a new customer demographic. By engineering a culture of innovation and experimentation across an organization, she helped ensure a financial services company remain a leader when the market gets disrupted.

Before joining ?What If!, Neena was a Planner in advertising where she helped re-launch the iconic sportswear brand Fila, evolve Citibank’s Women & Co brand, and launched a new global pain medication.

Neena is always eager to share her enthusiasm for classic wooden sailboats – thanks to her husband Steve – or the latest very minor superpower of her daughter Leela

The ?! moment I’ve witnessed the most Audacity:
A global healthcare company was facing the reality of one of their largest blockbuster drugs going off patent, resulting in a potential loss of hundreds of millions of dollars. I partnered with them to reimagine a future for that brand unlike those that have gone before it. Instead of letting it fade into the night, we asked, what if we could create an entirely new business, leveraging their category knowledge and expertise to continue to improve the health of their patients? And that is exactly what we did.

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