Jonny Inglis


Jonny’s first innovation failed big time – melting plastic to make the perfect poached egg machine. Forgetting the fire scare, it goes to show his passion for solving all problems, silly and serious. He’s since moved on from eggs to cracking much bigger problems, helping his clients to unlock consumer understanding and commercial growth. He specialises in taking innovations from paper to reality using experimental methodologies that bolster the idea’s chances of real world survival.

Jonny has the knack of getting excited by almost anything, which is just as well given the breadth of his work. He has a proven track record across multiple industries, helping his teams solve the toughest challenges from energy to healthcare. Before ?What If!, Jonny worked for the UK’s biggest retailer of pet products, involved in the company’s transformation from edgy start-up to market-leading retailer within 3 years. In this time, he also achieved a first from Oxford University.

Fancying himself as a bit of a writer, Jonny’s work is published in Men’s Health and the Evening Standard, and he’s written a travel blog with a readership in 55 countries – check out ?What If!’s blog for some of his ramblings. From 2014-2015, Jonny held the joint world record for number of grapes stuffed in his mouth, owing to his unusually stretchy skin.

The ?! moment I’ve had the greatest Adventure:

Launching a product in 3 different sites across Shanghai was a big step out of my comfort zone, but it was an honour to work with our fantastic colleagues in China; better yet, the pilot was a huge success.

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