Matt Kingdon

Co-Founder and Board Member

Matt is co-Chairman and co-founder of ?What If!. He works closely with leaders of organisations grappling with the challenges of growth. His experience gives him a unique perspective on the critical question: How do time-pressed executives balance the daily demands of complex organisations and at the same time look up and try new things out – how do they take risks in conservative environments?

Matt is a renowned public speaker and innovation practitioner.  He is a great story-teller and uses his wealth of experience to give practical advice on how you can place humans, with all of their fears and foibles, at the heart of commercial success. He has also authored several books on innovation, including, “The Science of Serendipity: How to Unlock the Promise of Innovation in Large Organisations” and co-authored best seller (80,000+ copies to date) “Sticky Wisdom”.

Matt is a law and economics graduate of Durham University.  He joined Unilever as marketing trainee in 1985 and worked across household and beauty brands in the UK and Thailand. In 1992 Matt co-founded ?What If! with Dave Allan and in 1995 and 1996 ?What If! was voted the ‘Best Company To Work For’ in Europe by the Financial Times.

Outside of work Matt hangs out with his family and friends and attempts a moderate fitness regime.

The moment I’ve felt the most Love:
When people give me tough to hear feedback. It is painful in the moment, but I’ve never seen anyone innovate successfully without saying what they really mean. Politeness and politics are the enemy of innovators, which is why my work is so much fun!

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