Geoff Gibbins


Geoff brings equal parts optimism and skepticism to every problem he encounters – and there’s nothing he loves more than a new problem to solve. Since joining ?What If! in 2008, Geoff has worked with clients in industries as diverse as insurance, food and beverage, asset management and toilets.

As a Partner, he leads our Experimental Invention offer – working with clients across industries to refine our approach to developing deeper insights, bolder solutions and de-risking new launches.

Before joining ?What If!, Geoff worked in strategy consulting and consumer media. You can probe him to see what he remembers from his time learning about evolution, Victorian dog breeding, anthropology, genetics and the history of male contraceptive methods while earning master’s degrees from the University of London and the University of Oxford.

Geoff lives in Brooklyn with his wife Tracey, their son Nixon, and their poodles Jasper and Cleopatra. In his spare-time he loves to read, buy used books, drink tea, make cocktails and eat.

The ?! moment I’ve felt the most Passion:
When I got to visit the Pets Plus Us offices after we worked with them to launch the business. It was amazing to see how our work helped to lead to the creation of new, fulfilling jobs for a team that believed so strongly in its purpose.

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