Guerric De Ternay

Senior Inventor

Guerric is passionate about creating offerings that inspire organisations and excite customers. He enjoys bridging forward-thinking ideas with the practicality of making things real. Guerric believes in the importance of constantly testing and improving product and business strategies–even game-changing ones. At ?What If! Guerric’s work encompasses designing business models and exploring opportunities for future growth. Always curious about what is happening in different worlds, Guerric works across a wide range of industries from complex financial technologies to magazine publishing.

Before he joined ?What If!, Guerric was marketing director at a start-up accelerator, where he was overseeing the development of digital B2B solutions and coaching entrepreneurs.

Guerric spends his spare time running an ecommerce fashion business–something you can expect from an entrepreneurial Frenchman. He also teaches digital marketing and innovation at University College London.

The ?! moment I’ve felt the most Impact:
My first project at ?What If! was a real blast. Disruption was threatening our client in the insurance sector, our team successfully created strong propositions that are now being implemented ensuring that our client is set up for success.

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