What If and Happen Founders

The Founders Podcast

By Emma Allen
A unique insight into the minds of our founders.

We recorded a 3-part series from our fearless founders from ?What If! and Happen  – Mark Cowan, David Walker, Costas Papaikonomou, Dan Quinn, Matt Kingdon and Dave Allan – to share the human story of our businesses.
Over a series of 3 podcasts they talk to us about their starting dreams for their businesses, hopes for the future, the wisdom we can learn from, the sound track with which they’ll sail away to their islands & so SO much more.


Episode1: Beaches, Kitchen Tables & Best Man Speeches.

The first in the series, Dave, Matt, Costas & Mark talk about how they met, why they started their businesses, what they set out to achieve, the story of our respective values, names and logos and £7k Russian bar-bills for the sake of clean carpets.


Episode 2: Tough love and the day we missed the internet.

Join us for the second instalment of founders desert island disks where we’ll be delving into Happen and ?What If!’s journeys that have bought us to where we are now; regaling the proudest moments and owning up to the past regrets we can all learn from.


Episode 3: A Bigger and Better Goulash

The final episode where we are joined by the one and only ‘The Dr’ – David Walker. David, Mark, Matt and Dave look to the future and explore their hopes and dreams for all of us. And, the moment you’ve been waiting for – we find out the music tracks and artefacts they take with them to their (own?) desert islands.

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