Emma Allen

Country Leader

Emma attributes her ability to set the bar high and deliver to the contradictions she naturally embodies: Commercially minded, yet consumer focused. Disciplined, yet free flowing. Exploratory, yet robust. Opinionated, yet open minded. She tops-up her energy by building human connections – because she’s not just doing it not just for the innovation, but for the innovators. The thread that unites Emma’s work is her deep passion for business. From her work defining transformative new business models for an FMCG giant that now sees 17 in-market tests, to building from blank-sheet to investment case a game-changing digital insurance business for millennials that launched in 2016, Emma’s impact lives not just in market traction, but in the lasting value her clients gain in knowing how to act fast and learn early.

Before joining ?What If!, Emma worked in management consultancy, where she solved problems across a range of strategic issues. She first cut her teeth in business at L’Oréal, where she helped catapult the Kiehl’s brand to success into the UK.

Having recently landed in New York City from a life spent in London, Emma is doing her best to live like a true to New Yorker – discovering what real Mexican food tastes like and hanging-out in dog-parks with her puppy Reggie.

The ?! moment I’ve witnessed the most Audacity:
In building a new insurance business for millennials, we recruited 4 target consumers to join our project team so we could get even closer with them. They designed our prototypes, interviewed their friends and walked the streets to ‘sell’ the product to strangers. What’s more, their involvement lives on: they’ve joined the new business as part-time employees to keep the offer honest as it grows.

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