Tessa Law

Associate Creative Director

Tessa is a multi-disciplinary designer who believes that design is an integral and powerful storytelling tool. She’s most excited by work were she can make our ideas tangible for clients and consumers. From the experience design for a luxury beauty brand’s first retail stores to brand strategy and visual identity for a new offering from the world’s leading photography company, she has helped bring impactful ideas to life.

Prior to ?What If!, Tessa was at a product development start-up where she worked on all aspects of creative storytelling, from branding and packaging design to digital and 3D experiences.

Outside of work, Tessa enjoys visiting local galleries as she has discovered that the best design lives at the intersection of traditional communication and leading-edge art.

The ?! moment I’ve felt the most Love:
My favorite value is love — it’s part of everything we do. It’s in the work we create for our clients, but it’s especially evident within our own organization. When my co-worker and I got the idea to create an insights-based podcast, the amount of love and encouragement we got was energizing and empowering. We were simultaneously given the freedom to lock ourselves in a room for two days to get it done, while also receiving the support from our colleagues to ensure our success.

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