Taylor Pile

Lead Inventor

With a passion for helping clients unlock innovation capabilities through collaboration and experimentation, Taylor is constantly searching for the best ways to transform organizational challenges into breakout opportunities. With that comes a profound sense of curiosity that follows him everywhere he goes, especially at ?What If!.

Throughout his career, Taylor has utilized his passion for problem-solving to redesign organizations, invent beers, launch startups, tackle food insecurity, promote environmental sustainability, fight breast cancer, combat rare diseases, provide funding for children’s hospitals, and design programs that facilitate rapid response for disaster relief.

When Taylor isn’t at ?What If!, you can find him playing drums and building custom patches for his analog keyboard synthesizers (think Daft Punk). He once learned to speak “Twi,” a Ghanaian drum language that tribes use to communicate – but do not test him on it!

The ?! moment I’ve had the greatest adventure:

Is yet to come…

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