Tabor Furr


As a creative and strategic thinker engaged with empathic design thinking, Tabor calls herself gardener, quilter, and detective. As a gardener, she cultivates sustainable solutions from human needs and uses empathic research rooted in listening and human storytelling. As a quilter, she sews individual ideas, needs, and personalities together into a single patchwork. As a detective, she sees and feels things that often pass unnoticed, collecting acute observations to assemble clear and creative case for action.

Tabor graduated from the University of Virginia’s Architecture School, where she majored in Design Thinking. Her Design Thinking studios included rethinking cancer center waiting rooms, addressing the refugee crisis on the Island of Lampedusa, and disrupting the news media culture through an elementary school classroom game.

With a name like Tabor, a kind of drum, she never misses any type of beat! You will catch her dancing almost anywhere there is music or capturing that memorable moment with her camera lens.

The ?! moment I’ve felt the most Passion:
Every time I travel with one of our ?What If! teams to hear the stories of so many different kinds of people, my world opens wider and wider. Unfolding solutions from these human stories has always been my passion, and getting to make the words passion and career synonyms is a gift and a privilege.

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