sarah kemp

Sarah Kemp

Lead Inventor

The stories people tell and the systems that drive behavior spark Sarah’s voracious curiosity. Weaving together active listening, critical thinking, a curatorial mind, and a love of language, Sarah attacks each new challenge with creativity and thoughtfulness. From crafting the identity of a new brand from the world’s leading photography company, to building the first freestanding store for an iconic fashion house, to helping a pharmaceutical company better know their patients, Sarah explores in the spirit of deeper understanding, and her keen eye for detail and appreciation for nuance cut through the noise to drive impact.

Before joining ?What If!, Sarah helped the scientists of a global R&D organization better communicate with each other about their science as the company’s first “content curator.” Before that, she deployed both her MS in Archival Science and her eclectic humanities degrees on the care, feeding, and curation of manuscripts in several natural history and science museums.

The only thing Sarah loves more than reading is getting book recommendations.

The ?! moment I’ve had the greatest Adventure:
Every project is a new adventure, and we’re constantly pioneering new approaches and technology. On a recent project we built a Slack channel and invited our co-creators to build ideas with us live. By opening up a direct connection to our consumers, the team was able to build and iterate with real people in real time.

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