julian mancia

Julian Mancia


From a young age, Julian was impatient when building things. He’d retrofit household items for new uses and always ignore instruction manuals. Julian brings this same ingenuity to his work at ?What If!, using experimentation to learn, invent, build and launch products quickly. Working across industries, he has partnered with clients to create a new snack food offering for millennials, commercialize a top-secret beer technology, and develop a new subscription box service for patients in need. Julian has also partnered with organizations to build their internal accelerator capabilities, including helping a global CPG company launch their first internal accelerator and advising more than 15 teams over their 10-week journey.

Prior to joining ?What If!, Julian worked as a management consultant, where his projects included everything from helping a U.S. telecom prepare its newly-purchased spectrum for network launch, to advising the Rockefeller Foundation on what countries in Southeast Asia were ideal for their rural electrification initiative. After consulting, Julian focused on product development, creating a new mobile messenger for a small startup that took on big players.

Outside of the office, Julian spends his time on the ice playing hockey and in the air attempting to perfect his skills as a pilot.

The ?! moment I’ve witnessed the most Audacity:
We received a brief from a client to define a new-to-world category of beer. And develop a ready prototype of the first product to be launched from the category. In a foreign country. All in eight weeks. We rolled up our sleeves and got to work. Eight weeks later, a new category was born and a new product was ready for production.

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