Josh Handleman


Since the day he learned to speak, Josh has had a follow-up question for every answer. Once the bane of his mother’s existence, his boundless curiosity now fuels his pursuit to learn more about the world around him and discover what drives people. As an Inventor, Josh is constantly thinking about future possibilities, , and uses his passion for people to obsess over the human problems behind every client challenge.

Before joining ?What If!, Josh worked in Management Consulting where he touched multiple industries. He’s reimagined the patient experience, uncovered new business ventures for major corporations, equipped brands to unlock the power of data, innovated new organizational structures, organizations, and launched innovation capabilities for Fortune 500 companies.

When Josh isn’t pondering how to help his clients, he’s usually wondering where he can find the best burger in New York City. Otherwise, you can find him testing out new recipes, exercising, or planning his next trip.

The ?! moment I’ve felt most Love:
Prior to ?What If!, I had the pleasure of working with some great teams in different places over the years. When I walked into the ?What If! office one day in late November during my first year at the company to find a 70-person long table set for a work Friendsgiving, I learned what it meant to be at a company that feels like a family

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