jordan ryan

Jordan Ryan

Lead Inventor

With a passion for diving into any challenge, Jordan combines a love of collaboration with a drive to find the best, most creative solutions. Jordan brings her natural curiosity, innovative nature and keen attention to detail to every project. Working across categories, Jordan has also developed a keen interest for better understanding human behaviors and motivations. She loves to know what people want, but more importantly, understanding why.

Before ?What If!, Jordan worked as a communications specialist for an education program, where she managed advertising campaigns and helped develop new educational and enrichment opportunities.

In her spare time, you can find Jordan exploring the diverse dining experiences of New York City, ultimately in search of the Big Apple’s best pasta dish.

The ?! moment I’ve felt the most Impact:
I witnessed the greatest impact while working with a leading global pharmaceutical company. During our project, they actively addressed an internal issue with diversity and inclusion, embracing the challenge to change the business for the better.

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