Jeremy Dawkins

Global Head of Design

Jeremy brings our ideas to life, rocking the status quo, impacting everyday lives, and moving our clients’ businesses forward. At ?What If!, he leads a new breed of multi-disciplinary designers capable of ‘realizing’ ideas as complex as an airport terminal, or as small as a product we use every single day – ever wondered who designed that little round lip balm in your pocket?

Prior to joining ?What If!, Jeremy spent many years leading international design teams and creating iconic, immersive, and award-winning experiences for Microsoft, Telefonica, Proctor & Gamble, Pepsico, Coca-Cola, Starwood Hotels, Delta Airlines, EOS, Henri Bendel, Intel, Canon, and Blackberry.

When Jeremy is not busy visualizing the future, he can be found tending chickens with his family in upstate New York or working on humanitarian projects in NYC, Burundi, and Northern Iraq.

The ?! moment I’ve witnessed the most Audacity:
We were on a call with a major sneaker brand. Suddenly our world was turned on it’s head. We realized our job wasn’t to find a new solution, but a new problem. I’ve been looking for trouble ever since.

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