Geoff Lynn

Lead Designer

Geoff’s work is informed by many visual disciplines including illustration and printmaking, but the hallmarks of his practice are his artistic passion and insatiable curiosity. He’s a die-hard collaborator who brings a learner mindset to any project he tackles and believes the key to designing smart solutions is to listen, ideate, experiment, and repeat. Of course, a little style doesn’t hurt either.

Before joining ?What If!, Geoff worked as a Visual Designer for a world-famous cycling and fitness streaming company. In his role, he had the opportunity to help shepherd and collaborate on countless aspects of the brand – including ad campaign design, art direction for video content, product icons, and the brand UI kit and style guide. In his two years there he helped it grow from a start-up to a tech-industry powerhouse.

When he isn’t having fun at work, Geoff is probably engrossed in one of his (too) many hobbies: reading about history or science, half-finished DIY projects, giving his friends tattoos, or making music with his band Newcomers Club.

The ?! moment I’ve had the greatest adventure:

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