Enda King

Managing Director

Enda builds dynamic cultures that value fresh thinking, high standards and experimentation. Whether in our community at ?What If! or with his client teams, he leads by inspiring, doing and championing enviable work that feeds innovation momentum. He has spearheaded growth across some of our largest clients: finding the next billion dollars of opportunity for the world’s biggest beer manufacturer, jump-starting the innovation agility of a media & entertainment leader facing massive disruption, and pioneering scalable growth opportunities for a delivery organization that already handles half of the world’s mail. He takes pride in the fact that his impact is seen not just in the bottom line, but also felt by the clients that carry it forward.

Before joining ?What If!, Enda worked in both innovation and advertising agencies where he fused consumer insight, strategic thinking and creativity to build iconic brand businesses.

Innovation may be Enda’s work, but disco is his calling.

The ?! moment I’ve given the most Passion:
It’s the passion in the people I work with that gets me out of bed in the morning. This passion was evident from my very first project at ?What If! when we realized we needed to do something different to flip the perspective of the team and become more consumer-centric. So, we rented a house in the suburbs away from the client’s corporate HQ, staged it to look like our target’s home, and spent a couple of days and nights there in the guise of our target family – eating, sleeping and ideating from their point of view. By “living like the consumer” for a few days, the team’s passion to do right by them and to meet their evolving needs became more than an innovation challenge, it became a crusade.

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