becca eley

Becca Eley

Creative Director

Becca’s mantra is simple — good design is more than a pretty face. As the Creative Director in the Chicago office, Becca brings her award-winning knowhow and Midwest work ethic to the growing ?What If! network. She prides herself on her ability to take an insight and translate it into a strategic, visionary solution. Her passion is turning ideas into real life products and experiences, tackling each milestone in between. Her background helps her bridge the gap from digital to physical, and she has a natural knack for unifying her teams around the philosophy of ‘making innovation happen’. From prototyping to final execution, she helps clients bypass the typical limitations and preconceived notions of their current landscape — creating innovations with real impact.

Prior to joining the ?What If! team, Becca co-founded a boutique design studio in NYC, receiving accolades and awards from some of the most prominent voices in the industry. She was also an early team member of a world-famous cycling and fitness streaming company and worked for some of the world’s top branding firms. Her prior work ranges from developingfully immersive IOT experiences, to innovating and packaging a Fortune 100 company’s next beverage, to arming startups with the tools needed to make their brand the new industry standard.

Becca is just as comfortable with a camera in her hand as she is with a Wacom tablet; she spends her free time devouring life from behind the lens, photographing her son, wife and French Bulldog, Roscoe.

The ?! moment I’ve felt the most Impact:
Witnessing the power of design live in a HotShop. A participant described the prototype using the exact words and emotions that we put into the brand manifesto -which they had yet to read.

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