Ali Coxhead

Foundation Inventor

As Heart of House, Ali keeps our office running like a well-oiled innovation engine. With her welcoming spirit, knack for organization and diligent project management skills, she not only ensures we have the supplies to supercharge our innovation practice and nourish our bodies, but also champions and upholds the unique ?What If! culture. Ali brings her positivity and relentless passion to all that she does, from monthly ?What Fun! Events to running office-wide experiments that keep our minds fresh and invigorate our creativity.

In her past life, Ali worked in museum collections at the largest cultural establishment in Washington D.C. before moving to London where she received an MA in Cultural Heritage Studies. Before returning to the States and finding ?What If!, Ali worked as the Creative Projects Manager for an international non-profit that provided platforms to empower and give voice to traditional craft artisans in Jordan and Afghanistan.

When she is not busy Heart of House-ing, you will probably find Ali vigilantly making her way through Bon Appetit’s top 100 NYC restaurants, attempting to finish a NYT Sunday crossword or facetiming her niece.

The ?! moment I’ve had the greatest Adventure:
After numerous flight cancellations en route to our annual global ‘WhatStock’ meeting, 78 What Iffers found themselves stranded in an airport for over 15 hours. As part of a small yet determined task force, we were able to safely make it to our destination. Some by way of London, others through Madrid, Zurich, and Rome. Despite our jetlag, lack of sleep, and a few lost bags, we all showed up fully – with smiles and enthusiasm – to join our global colleagues and celebrate the ?What If! values.

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