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RSA Travel Insurance

Becoming the World’s Best Travel Insurer

By championing a crusade and culture centered on ‘Traveler Obsession’, we worked with RSA Travel to solidify their position as an award-winning industry leader.


RSA Travel is Canada’s second-biggest travel insurer. The company sells insurance as a B2B provider to other companies, but was looking to differentiate itself in the market by demonstrating a deep focus on the needs of the traveler – and using that focus to fuel a new culture of innovation within the company.


We worked with RSA Travel to develop a culture of ‘Traveler Obsession’. That culture inspired a new approach to marketing, redefining how they segmented their product line and revolutionizing how they worked together as an organization; an organization with a ‘crusade’ and a new set of behaviors to bring it all together. We embedded within the organization a set of traveler ‘personas’ that inspired product development and a simple more human approach to communication in an industry dominated by industry jargon. These personas also sparked ideas that led to integration of Traveler Obsession into their working spaces and everyday behaviors.


On the back of its new positioning, its organizational crusade and culture, RSA won the 2014 ITIJ awards for Global Travel Insurer of the Year and Marketing Campaign of the Year. Sometimes, obsession pays off.