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RSA Pet Insurance

A Revolution in Pet Insurance

Through our partnership, Pets Plus Us has revolutionized what pet insurance can do, making them the fastest-growing pet insurance business in Canada – and establishing a new level of trust with pet owners.


Pet insurance claimed only 1% household penetration in Canada, compared with 30% in the UK. RSA Group was present in both markets, and, wanted to get Canadians as keen on pet insurance as their British counterparts to enhance the launch of their first ever B2C startup company.


We started by identifying the barriers that had previously prevented pet insurance from growing in this market. We discovered that, while pet ownership brings great joy, it also brings the burden of responsibility. Insurance is frequently seen as just another burden to bear. And, in Canada there was a distrust of the industry.

Knowing this, we set about changing the rules of this industry specialty – in terms of coverages, customer experience, language used, and the way that the company handled claims. Pets Plus Us offers pet owners membership in a positive community, with a model that offers a 24-7 pet hotline, expert advice, and pet-specific rewards and discounts. This is all fueled by a culture devoted to pet owner happiness, in a unique work environment that fosters collaboration and pet owner focused decisions.


Pets Plus Us quickly became the fastest-growing pet insurance business in Canada, and has developed a new level of trust with pet owners. The Pets Plus Us team also won an award for ‘Most Innovative Workplace’ and has very high levels of employee engagement.