Bringing the impact of experimentation to healthcare


Unlocking Creativity in Healthcare

Through our shared development of Dare to Try, Pfizer’s global innovation initiative, 100,000 Pfizer employees worldwide have been trained in innovation tools and behaviors, enabling ongoing cutting-edge experiments and surging spirit of innovation throughout the enterprise.


The global healthcare market was changing. Customer choice was on the rise, regulations were in flux, and, use of traditional models was no longer any guarantee of success. Pfizer recognized that to stay ahead under these new conditions, they needed to do more to enable innovation from the inside out.


We partnered to co-create Dare to Try, a global initiative that equips employees with a mix of tools and behaviors designed to unlock creativity and innovation, allowing for rapid experimentation. We trained more than 300 innovation champions, 30 trainers and 200 project teams to use breakthrough thinking, thoughtful risk-taking and rapid experimentation in their daily jobs.


Within the first year of the initiative, more than 250 proposals were funded, including a clinical trial partnership with Walgreens, a containerized mobile point of dispensing and a new process for sales reps to coordinate with physicians. Nearly 3 Years post-launch of the program, the Pfizer Dare to Try team has reached almost 100,000 employees worldwide continuing to train, facilitate and run cutting-edge experiments. That’s a healthy approach to innovation.