Bringing greater audacity to customer experience


Re-Igniting Human Soul (& Achieving Double Digit Growth in the Process)

In partnership with the passionate UK leadership team, we invented a new model of leadership and employee empowerment that has allowed more nimble experimentation on the floor, transformed the customer experience, and sparked double-digit growth.


Decades after its celebrated arrival in the UK, IKEA had found itself under increasing competitive pressure – on price, on design and on experience. The much-loved innovator was at risk of losing its place in the hearts of the British public.


We worked with a brilliant and passionate UK leadership team to create a new customer proposition. Together we wanted to inspire every employee to deliver a Wonderful Everyday Experience. If we could do this, we knew we would make IKEA as exciting today as the year it arrived in the UK.

To support this new proposition we helped invent a new model of leadership. Staff were given more trust and responsibility. They were trained to spot opportunities, develop the best ones and then make them happen fast, right there on the shop floor.


Our work has created a new customer experience and internal culture, powered by constant experimentation. The success of this approach is reflected in the figures. Sales grew by double digits in the first 12 months, totaling more than £150m. Now, that’s a return to form.