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Fight For Peace

Powering Up a Youth Martial Arts Charity

To take their mission of helping young people affected by violence to the next level, we partnered with Fight for Peace on two initiatives: the development and launch of an ethical fightwear brand that has made them more financially independent, and the design of an international training program that has put their work on a global stage – their message now lives all over the world, and in your closet.


Fight for Peace used a unique mix of martial arts, boxing and personal development to help young people in Rio and London realize their potential. It had already enjoyed ten years of incredible success but needed support with two new goals: To create its own income stream, permitting it to rely less on grants. And, to go global.


To meet the need for new income, we helped develop and launch an ethical fightwear brand, Luta, that would donate half its profits to Fight for Peace. To realize the charity’s dream of going global, we designed the Fight for Peace international training program, allowing the organization’s message to spread across the world without the need to build academies.


Our work led to Luta raising a complete round of commercial investment. At the end of year one, Luta delivered its first donation of £10k to Fight for Peace – not bad for an unknown sportswear brand launching in a recession. As for the international training program, it was launched in 2011 across ten organizations in eight countries from Costa Rica to the Lebanon. The training will ensure greater support for thousands of young people affected by violence. That’s worth fighting for.