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Building a Pioneering Spirit Into an Engineering Powerhouse

By allowing newly trained innovation champions to apply their tools to real business challenges, we helped infuse Centrica with “pioneering spirit” and energy for innovation producing real financial impact.


Centrica is an engineering-based company geared towards safety. Its core value was “pioneering spirit”, a principle that had not taken root across the whole business. It needed a catalyst to engage people and motivate them to be more expansive and creative, without compromising safety or revenue.


We created a Pioneering Spirit Experience, training champions in the business to live and breathe the brand values. These champions would lead a complete mindset change across the business. To show the model in action, we worked through two projects that had traditionally been tricky to innovate around, showing the team how to apply the new approach to a real business challenge.


An immediate influx of energy and confidence around innovation flooded all levels of the company, and our new tools were applied to two specific projects with great success. One team used our approach to solve a critical maintenance issue in 30 minutes, saving them £250k. Another project led to £9.5 million cost savings in thermal power. That’s the spirit.