Bringing audacity to the world of aging


Disrupting Aging: Innovating from the Inside Out

By building a new foundation for and culture of innovation, we helped AARP transform itself and disrupt aging by innovating from the inside out.


AARP, an advocacy organization for the 50+, wanted to disrupt aging, and realized that in order to do that in the marketplace, it needed to create an innovation motivated culture within the organization, encouraging its employees to engage with a new mindset from which breakthroughs were possible.


We worked with the leaders at AARP to create an ambition for future innovation, a roadmap to help achieve it, and team structure to support it.  We helped identify a common innovation language, customized a solution-development process, trained more than 1000 employees, and, put it all into action with five innovation projects.


Our work led to tangible shifts in behavior, with AARP employees becoming more aware of the role of innovation in their working lives. AARP’s innovation projects, including ones based on our innovation work with them, have led to breakthrough solutions. That’s people power.