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Location: Netherlands
Posted: 21 September 2020


Tackle the world’s most exciting innovation projects - develop solutions for real-world growth businesses at uniquely creative consultancy.

?What If! drives human-powered experimentation engines, partnering with businesses to solve their most difficult problems in an innovative way.

We are on the look out for great talent as we start growing our Amsterdam office at the beginning of 2021. We want to hear from the restless, life long learners of the world - no matter your discipline. Show us what you're made of, what you've done, and the skills you can bring here. We'll listen.

About ?What If!

For over 25 years,?What If! has partnered with organisations hungry for growth. We invent new products, brands, services, and business models, and we help our partners build their in-house innovation capabilities. The company has a very strong culture that is best summarised by our 5 values - impact, audacity, passion, love, and adventure.

We believe that the world's most challenging issues can be solved by people, innovation and connections, and every year our global company works with around 200 different companies, across multiple sectors, in over 40 countries worldwide giving us the opportunity to do this.

The Team

Our commercial impact has come from doubling down on the people side of innovation - the values, behaviours, skills, mindsets and spirit - that make the difference between a smart idea on paper and a living, thriving business.

We’ve been bringing our whole selves to work, collaborating, working from home and eating cereal together for years. Respect and support come as standard. We are friends.

Bringing your whole self to work means you can take your whole self home again - most nights. We don’t do lengthy on site client engagements so we get to hang out with our friends, family and each other.

Our people are smart and ambitious and also humble - strong opinions lightly held is how we sum it up. Lifelong learners are the people who do well here.


  • Fast-thinking, nimble, adaptable and thrive in a fast-moving environment - always open to new ideas with the ability to recognise the business value of ideas.
  • Possess strong verbal and written communication skills and be masters in the art of persuasion to strategically get your point across.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and a restless heart.
  • Head and heart in balance - deeply human in understanding people problems and commercially sharp with advice.
  • Never the finished article: we’re for life-long learners only.


Never stop asking ?What If?

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