vivian wang

Vivian Wang

Finance Manager

Vivian has over five years of invaluable experience managing and developing a successful finance team as the foundation of the business. Highly motivated and results-driven, she is skilled in numerous financial and accounting fields, including designing the accounting engine, monitoring key accounts, and performing credit control. She has spent one sixth of her life in the ?What If! family, and she has rich experience in aspects of financial forecasting, taxation, accounting management and control. She also helps to build a diverse Compass to consolidate all project details for analysis, providing fundamental knowledge for all management decisions. She maintains good relationships with clients’ procurement to help shorten the credit terms and positively impact credit flow.

Before joining ?What If!, Vivian worked in the Assurance and Taxation departments at BDO China for 4 years, before joining Mattel to build the House of Barbie brand in Shanghai and later helping to launch the first California Pizza Kitchen in China.

Normal accounting metrics don’t work for innovation, but believe it or not, innovative ways of thinking can definitely excel, deliver and increase potential.

The ?! moment when I’ve felt the most Love:
Our “Good Intention Feedback Technique” also known as “GIFT” is really a fabulous communication tool and has helped our office become closer — like a big family.

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