Vicky Li


Vicky has played many different roles at ?What if! – from logistics expert to money miser and problem-solver – in order to flawlessly organize a project. She coordinates consumer and expert recruitment externally as well as from her own network, arranging online and offline interviews all around the country, finding session venues in diverse cities and organizing hotshops for new product testing. Vicky manages all the logistic organization, ticket booking, materials packing and everything that goes with it. She plans for the unexpected.

Before joining ?What If!, Vicky was working as Executive Secretary for IHG and Langham Hospitality Group.

Vicky’s true love, however, is reserved for animals (especially dogs).

The ?! moment I’ve felt the most Love:
Love is the key to my daily work. The ?What If! Shanghai office is one big family, with people from 6 different countries and regions. I believe that whilst cultural identity matters, the differences can be overcome with a warm heart. With a little empathy, I can usually help to make things a little better.

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