Tom King

Senior Inventor

Tom jumps out of bed every morning excited by the prospect of making people’s lives better through great innovation. His adventurous nature means he loves nothing more than immersing himself in client’s challenges and getting under the skin of what makes users tick.

Prior to ?What If!, Tom had a range of commercial roles, most recently as director of a digital consultancy, where he focused on building partnerships with leading tech companies and clients. His commercial acumen means Tom likes to think about the real-world application of innovation beyond the workshop. He’s been lucky enough to drive the design and launch of digital products, from revolutionary blood testing devices to commercial mortgage products and music learning tools.

Tom’s passion for adventure extends beyond ?What If! as he hunts for the next challenge, believing that experience broadens the mind and helps the world make a little more sense. Most recently, he returned from a trip sailing Ngalawas (dug out mango trees with a bamboo mast) down the African coast. You can usually find him renovating every inch of his flat or continuing his endless exploration for London’s best brunch and Sunday roast.

The ?! moment I’ve felt the most Passion:

We were working with a client in music education who had successfully been selling the same products for 130 years but knew that the motivations for learning music had evolved beyond graded exams. It was going to be a tough pivot, but the relentless customer focus and collaboration of the team was infectious. Suddenly, the whole organisation was rowing in the new direction! As a very average pianist, I can’t wait to see the product come to life.

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