tina bond

Tina Bond

Lead Inventor

Tina runs her projects by combining a talent for creative madness with a healthy dose of sensible measure. Her proudest achievement is igniting the innovation spirit of the client teams she works with, and delivering both great commercial results and a transformative experience in getting there.

Tina started with a law degree from Bristol University, worked in advertising, and achieved an MBA from the London Business School. Management consultancy at the Boston Consulting Group and an 11 year sojourn in Sydney followed, where Tina worked on diverse challenges as cochlear implants to cure deafness and how to make yellow and brown diamonds desirable (Champagne? Cognac?). Returning to the UK, she worked at Kelloggs, where amongst many things she lead Special K’s ‘Drop a Jeans Size’ programme.

Tina grew up in the Midlands, does a mean brummie accent, writes detective fiction in her spare time as well as micromanaging the lives of her 4 boys.

The ?! moment I’ve felt the most Passion:
Everday, seeing the most successful innovations, driven by a passionate teams of individuals who were determined to launch their innovation into the real world.

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