Tabitha Burhop

Talent Manager

Tabi brings to ?! her innate sense of adventure, conscientious mindset and deep desire to help people discover they want out of life. Starting at ?! in Heart of House, she has taken on a variety of roles: from HoH Environment Lead to PA to Global Support to the People Team. ?What If! has allowed her the space to find out where her passions lie and pushed her to stretch herself. Since joining the People Team, her love for connecting the restless, curious innovators of the world to ?! has grown and grown, and her passion for people shines through in everything she works on.

Tabi spent 3 years studying Modern Social History at Sussex University by specialising in 1980s girls’ magazines and feminist history; however, it was a side-line course in Innovation Management which really sparked her interest in business and innovation. After university, Tabi went to ‘find herself’ — backpacking around the world with every other twenty-something before starting her story at ?What If!.

When she’s not at work you’ll find her catching up with pals, stressing about obtaining Glastonbury tickets, renovating her very tiny flat and attempting to rectify multiple baking and craft disasters.

The ?! moment I’ve felt the greatest Love:

Working with the Board on a number of projects. Understanding how our business is run and watching the passion that our Founders feel for ?What if! first hand. It was fascinating, challenging and just on the right side of my comfort zone.

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