Suzanna Bapst

Suzanna Bapst

Lead Inventor

Fascinated by the systems and structures that influence what we do and how we do it, Suzanna tackles every challenge with equal parts curiosity and critical thinking. You can rely on her to be the person in the room asking questions and pushing the thinking as far as it can go—and then pushing it some more. Since joining ?What If!, Suzanna has transformed her desire to ask the hard questions into a search for unexpected solutions. She’s been able to sink her teeth into myriad challenges across categories, but her favorites have one thing in common — getting into the hearts and minds of consumers to unlock something BIG. From beauty to beer, Suzanna has an incredible passion for the world of packaged goods, how they are designed, where and why we buy them, when they impact our lives most, and how even the simplest product can serendipitously meet the needs of consumers and business.

Suzanna’s need to challenge the status quo was nurtured during her self-designed Cultural Studies degree at Hampshire College and put to use as a brand strategist in San Francisco.

She may be a native of rural Ohio, but Suzanna’s heart belongs to the bright lights of NYC. She spends her downtime seeking out the highbrow and lowbrow – be it perched on a dive-y bar stool or eating her way through New York’s Michelin-starred restaurants.

The ?! moment I’ve witnessed the most Audacity:
I love the moment when a theory hits reality. We enlisted clients to roll up their sleeves and work in a bar – changing kegs, pouring pints and waiting tables. It was a messy, failure-filled good time. The most audacious part? Watching them embrace being smack dab in the middle of the customer’s shoes and gladly re-thinking everything they thought they knew about the service industry.

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