Steven Prosser


Steve has always doodled and sketched, trying to capture things visually; from the back pages of his school Maths book to a current (Wainwright inspired) archive of his mountain biking adventures across the UK. Since joining ?What If! Steve has built and visualised innovative concepts across many sectors, from finance to food. In workshops he helps build concepts through provocative thinking, creative writing and marker renders – live. While he’ll leverages the Adobe Creative Suite & Cinema 4D, back in the studio, for greater impact.

Steve brings experience from previous roles at multiple London agencies, as well as enthusiasm and a genuine desire to achieve the best results possible, working direct with clients or as part of a bigger team.

Steve’s a commuter and resides in a small village in Cambridgeshire, which has an award winning pub and plenty of open space. On weekends he bumbles around the local countryside and potters in the garden with his young daughter and partner.

The ?! moment I’ve felt the most Love:
I always push to deliver exceptional work for our clients, right up to the 11th hour in some cases, but will always take time out to help other colleagues, or simply make big rounds of tea. Luckily that’s a part of our culture….so its reciprocated!

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