sophie long

Sophie Long

Director, Global Chief of Staff

As part of the global leadership team, Sophie is responsible for making sure we have the right internal structures and initiatives in place to support our growth targets and enable our inventors to deliver great work for our clients. Sophie’s sweet spot is challenging our business to work better.

After her Philosophy degree, Sophie turned her hand to trading for a large investment bank and after her MBA she worked as a design and innovation consultant for large corporate clients. It is an unusual mix that allows her to spot the uncommon connections necessary to drive change.

Despite being a city girl through and through, when she’s not working you’ll usually find her on a hard to reach beach putting her kitesurfing skills to the test.

The ?! moment I’ve felt the most Impact:
I love it when you watch a client changing their processes. Seeing a large insurer we had worked with for a year start evaluating ideas for a new challenge, asking how quickly they could get experiments live in market to test was a real YES! moment.
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