sindra zhou

Sindra Zhou

Finance Director

Sindra brings an infectious enthusiasm and passion to her work at ?What If! She oversees the Finance function, enuring a good flow of information, accurate reporting, and more efficient financial processes and controls. Additionally, Sindra plays a critical day-to-day role overseeing commercial operations. Sindra also leads her finance team to meet the high standards of finance, accounting, and tax regulations, which are in compliance with both global and local requirements. Sindra demonstrates her strong problem-solving skills when dealing with all financial and commercial business related matters.

Prior to joining ?What If!, Sindra earned her stripes as a senior auditor at Ernst & Young, and then became the head of finance at Ketchum Newscan, G4S and Mattel. Always eager to share her knowledge and experience, Sindra has served as a lecturer on auditing and marketing at Australia Charles Sturt University’s China program.

Sindra is currently a member of CICPA, ACCA and IPA AU (Australia).Outside of work, Sindra loves travelling all around the world to explore the different culture and discover the local cuisines.

The ?! moment when I’ve felt the most Love:
Sindra believes that the unique ?What If! culture and values make the difference when compared to other multinational companies. Caring for people, showing love, supporting others, etc…At ?What If!, you can always find ways to make your work more like the life you already enjoy.

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