Sherrie Gu

Casting Manager

Sherrie is driven by a work philosophy rooted in the intersection of empathy and efficiency. As Casting Manager, Sherrie oversees the deployment of ?What If!’s most precious resource – its people! Every day, she can be found playing a strategic game of “People Tetris,” ensuring the right teams are being assembled for the right projects. Through this process, Sherrie sets teams up for success, enabling them to create quality work for clients while cultivating individuals’ skills and interests. She has an innate curiosity to learn about what motivates her fellow What-Iffers so she can find ways to unlock their individual innovation superpowers on each and every project.

Before embarking on a new chapter in her career at ?What If!, Sherrie worked in public relations and specialized in healthcare communications. It was during that time that she refined the team building and project management skills that led Sherrie to her current world of resource management.

Outside of ?What If!, Sherrie can be found testing the limits of her seemingly bottomless stomach via New York City’s bustling restaurant scene. Despite her love of food, she’s a complete amateur in the kitchen – but has recently decided her next adventure will be brewing her own kombucha!

The ?! moment I’ve felt most Love:
All our offices were brought together for a global employee summit in Ireland. It was a collaboration to tackle our greatest business challenges but also, a celebration of the wonderful and unique people behind our work. As we danced into the wee hours of our final night together, I felt like we were leaving Ireland not as co-workers but as a family.

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