Shen-Hsin Hung

COO/CFO, Americas

Shen-Hsin’s number one priority is empowering our people and providing a supportive environment so they can do their best work. As U.S. COO/CFO, she works to remove barriers and ensure our business operations run smoothly and effectively. Whether rolling out tech platforms that enable communications, providing real time data analytics, or managing our bottom line, Shen-Hsin seeks constructive ways to improve both the commercial engine of our business and the ways we work across the company.

With a long career in finance and operations across media and entertainment, Shen-Hsin is especially adept at infusing creative groups with a “one for all and all for one” sensibility. She has managed teams ranging in size from a handful to ~100 people — not just in one office, but also across the U.S., Europe and Asia. Her experiences have taught her how to work with teams to bridge cultural divides and find a strong working dynamic, regardless of distance.

Although Shen-Hsin is a full-fledged business professional, living well in her private life is her philosophy. Her greatest passion is traveling the world and experiencing the joys of food and culture.

 The ?! moment when I’ve felt the most Love:
My favorite ?What If! value is love, and I feel it every day working to support and develop our people. Helping them reach their potential and watching them grow both personally and professionally keeps me jazzed. Some of the most rewarding aspects of my role are learning what motivates them, giving them growth opportunities and helping them through the tough times. We’re in it together.

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