Sebastiaan Gunter

Foundation Inventor

Sebastiaan’s focus at ?! is in the Growth Cultures area, with a master’s in Strategic Innovation Management, Sebastiaan gets excited in enabling organisation to innovate.

Even before his official start date Sebastiaan was pulled into a project and he dived straight in there. By organising a digital Hackathon for a Pharma client with more than 150 participants he supported the client in creating ideas which they could take forward and use.

After graduation Sebastiaan celebrated his two masters with a long tour around South America. And before joining ?What If!, he gained experience as business developer and consultant.

You can take Sebastiaan out for any kind of sport. Currently he’s really into CrossFit.


The ?! moment I’ve felt the most Passion:

A real passion moment for me is when clients personally want to collaborate, build and co-create.

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