Sarah Weller


Sarah is an experienced leader in digital innovation with an ability to translate complex concepts to make them easy to understand. Sarah’s work is grounded in user-centric innovation—never innovation for innovation’s sake. A lover of experimentation and data, Sarah embodies ?What If!’s focus on continuous improvement. She also loves a plan, as anyone who has worked with her will tell you!

Prior to joining ?What If!, Sarah spent 8 years working for technology start-ups. Most recently, Sarah was Managing Director of a mobile consultancy and app development agency that developed digital products for large corporations across a range of sectors.

Outside of work Sarah can be found in the sky on weekend breaks with her husband—she’s training to get her PPL—or ordering takeaway due to yet another failed cookery attempt.

The ?! moment I felt the most Love:
When I heard a client I’d been working with for 2 months say he didn’t want our project to end because he loved working on it with us so much.

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