Sarah Pacitti

Talent Development Manager

Sarah has always been inspired by finding new ways to engage, develop and connect people. Her passion for helping curious people find creative ways to learn is a perfect fit for her role on ?What If!’s ‘People Team.’ As the Talent Development Manager, Sarah takes what is great about ?What If!’s culture and finds new ways for employees to learn more from one another and the world around them.

Before her time at ?What If!, Sarah led learning and development initiatives from onboarding to coaching to content creation and facilitation in both the technology and advertising space. She is fascinated by industries that create new things from wild ideas, which is what ultimately led her to the world of innovation at ?What If!.

Outside of ?What If!, you can find Sarah performing standup, working as a background extra for television and film or traveling to different places like Japan, Cuba, and Peru to continue exploring, learning and growing.

The ?! moment I’ve had the greatest adventure:

Is yet to come…

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