Sarah Dauterman


Sarah brings equal parts creativity and strategy to projects at ?What If!, always keeping her finger on the pulse of changing industries and rising trends. In imagining ambitious new futures that solve human problems for her clients, she’s works to understand these problems, dissect the systems in which they operate, and rebuild new strategies that support even seemingly impossible ideas.

Before joining ?What If!, Sarah worked as a financial consultant for Fortune 500s, traveled to different corners of the world to learn product manufacturing, launched a sunglasses company, and developed new products, strategies, and business models for startups in the consumer products, healthcare, technology, and entertainment industries. By applying both human-centered design and analytical strategy in both commercial and scrappy startup settings, she learned her love for left-and right-brained thinking, tactical experimentation, and freshness that eventually brought her to ?What If!

Outside of work, Sarah is most likely making something – examples include a chocolate avocado soufflé recipe, a painting for her room, AutoCAD sunglasses designs, an elaborate theme party costume, or a funky disco mix. She also loves planning trips that stretch her out of her element and routine.

The ?! moment I’ve had the greatest Adventure:
Is yet to come!

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