Sarah Adams

Lead Inventor

Sara is driven to create progress by bridging different cultures and functional silos – bringing teams together that unlock creativity and move things forward, whilst guarding the flame of insight around consumer needs and frustrations, so they are not extinguished in the struggle to get to market.

Putting this into practice, she created an insight training programme for a large OTC company to answer the “how do we get to insight?” question, and then rolled it out to participants across 12 countries. This new way of working was enthusiastically adopted by the teams, with results including award winning advertising campaigns. Recently, she has combined this passion for insight with a determination to bring frontier science into new product development in otc – guiding mixed function teams through innovation processes which push the envelope.

After a degree in Social + Political Sciences at Cambridge University,  frustration born from a stint in the European commission, led her to consultancy. 20 years in, having worked in 4 languages and  5 continents,  to progress everything from  chocolate and cheese to cleaning and healthcare, She’s says “je ne regrette rien”.

When not hard at work, Sara is a keen observer of human life – preferably watched from a sunny terrace in her home town of Antwerp.

The ?! moment I’ve felt the greatest Passion:
Learning so much through my work in OTC healthcare, and finding ways to turn this knowledge into vital. life improving behaviour changes, that work with consumer’s lives.

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