Sanjay Solanki

Associate Director

Sanjay is a Chemical Engineer with a passion for Innovation & Industrial Design – a HR colleague he was introducing himself to recently said ‘I know you, you’re the Innovation Guy’! Sanjay believes that unlocking ‘wow’ is actually not very hard – you just have to look in the right places.

Sanjay has standardised P&Gs Crest Toothpaste production around the world from lab to plant scale (still the biggest projects in P&G Healthcare history), invented new-to-the-world toothbrushes for Crest, and led consumer segmentation projects that helped to create super-clear product line-ups for the consumers and at the same time helped to significantly reduce the long list of recipes in the factories. His passion for innovation & capability have led him to set-up Industrial Design capabilities as a core capability in 3 different companies and start his own innovation consultancy helping clients like Pret-a-manger, Reckitt Benckiser and Unilever. His last role was probably the most exciting – developing chocolate products for Cadbury, Milka, and other local chocolate brands around the world that have added $>1BN of revenue.

With a firm grasp on the CPG/FMCG products and packaging processes and a strong experienced based knowledge of the Innovation cycle he can really help cut through to the things that will make an impact on clients business, consumers & customers.

At home Sanjay loves being bugged by his wife (Meeta), their 4yr old twins (Maya and Ella), or going cycling in the Chiltern Hills with his 20yr old son, Dillon. When he is not doing those things, which leaves little time, he is building/making something, baking sourdough bread, or dreaming up his next craft project.

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