Sam Munson

Sam Munson


Sam enjoys seeing ideas come to life. Working out how to turn scrawls on paper into innovative products or fully fledged strategies gets his mind racing. Naturally curious, Sam is keen to understand how people think and behave, and what’s important in their lives.

Before joining ?What If!, Sam cut his teeth in the advertising world by working on FMCG, travel and charity campaigns. Specialising in data strategy and consumer insights, he turned wordy briefs into tangible challenges. Before that, Sam earned his Master’s in Literature, Culture and Media in Sweden, pouring over Modernist magazines with a healthy supply of cinnamon buns. 

Sam likes to spend his weekends cooking for friends and hunting for weeds to feed his new pet tortoise, Basil.

The ?! moment I’ve had the greatest adventure:
Is yet to come…

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