Sal Pajwani

Group CEO and Board Member

Sal is one of our owners and is on the board of our business at ?What If!. He is always banging on about innovation talent. What does great innovation leadership look like? Where do you find these people? How do you keep them energized and growing? He firmly believes that if you can answer these questions, then everything else will largely look after itself. Talent spotting, coaching and development have been the main features of his leadership style.

He has been at ?What If! for almost two decades. Some of our younger people weren’t even born when he started. He has done pretty much every job in the business both with our clients and running our business internally. His main role now is to run the leadership team and develop the long-term business infrastructure.

Before ?What If! he can vaguely remember the time he worked for P&G making dreadful soap powder advertising. It was so bad, that at one stage they sent him to India for a couple of years to get him out of the way.

Sal lives in Maidenhead with his wife Sarah and dog Domino. There are occasional visits from his two grown up sons, Jonti and Jesse.

The ?! moment I’ve felt the most Love:
On July 7, 2005, during the London bombings, I got the whole company in our reception area and took over the phones, making sure everyone was tracked down and that worried relatives were reassured.

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